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Custom Brand Manager

Use the Custom Brand Manager to build and maintain relationships, make your mark in the industry, or to enhance your recognition of your friends, family, clients and customers. The Custom Brand Manager is easy to use and gives you maximum flexibility.

Use & Share The Custom Brand Manager

Customization is what SendOutCards is all about, and the Custom Brand Manager allows you to make your greeting cards even more personalized by giving you the exclusive ability to design and brand the back of your greeting cards. Watch this helpful tutorial and begin creating your brand now!

Once you have become an expert, use our Custom Brand Flyers to show your prospects how this incredible enhancement and take their business to the next level. 

Send a 5 touch Campaign

We have created an easy way for you to notify everyone of our new Custom Brand Manager. Here is a 5 touch campaign series that can be used to send in sequence to prospects. There are multiple choices for card 3, so have some fun!